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That's right, my newest obsession has finally taken over. ^_^

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These bigger graphics were made for use as cellphone backgrounds but can also be used as a background on a Zune player so I've been told. =)

| |

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So I made these all to work with my lg shine, cropping things so that the words on top and bottom wouldn't overlap the picture too badly.

002 | Anne Hathaway
001 | ST:TNG Beverly Crusher
001 | Portland Trail Blazers
003 | Burn Notice
001 | SGA Elizabeth
001 | Eureka
002 | Fringe (hand)
006 | NCIS
-- 1 gibbs
-- 2 giva
-- 1 jibbs
-- 1 kate
-- 1 kibbs
001 | Legend of the Seeker
002 | Lie to Me
001 | Moonlight
004 | Star Wars
001 | Stargate
004 | Photography

Dimensions: 240x320

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I've started a lots painting; here's step 1.

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I was in a very long graphic funk. Induced by "elite" comms and getting a new computer with a totally different resolution than I was used to. Not to mention the muse went on vacation. *sigh*

So here they are. Bones and Stargate. They're all alphabetical. =)

[1] Booth/Brennan
[2] Brennan
[2] Carson
[3] David and Emily
[8] Emily Deschanel
[1] Elia
[10]Elizabeth Weir
[1] Ford
[1] Ronon
[3] Sheppard
[1] Sparky
[1] Wraith (was that one Bob?)


-Comment if you snag!
-Please don't hotlink the images, host them yourself. Photobucket is free.
-These are not bases do not alter them. If you'd like me to add something please ask.

So I was thinking of posting my "painting" of Elizabeth. (facebook people know what I'm talking about) Think I should? I'm also working on a bones one that I had to start over after hours of work. I wanted to cry.

The other thing I was thinking of doing is a series of animated icons. I made one quite a while back that showed Sam Carter. [This is Sam] {shows nice picture} [This is Sam on time travel] {shows alt timeline Sam}
I was going to make one for ever wacky alternate _____ whatever. Anybody interested?

Two Icons!

Jan. 22nd, 2006 09:23 pm
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Just two icons that I was inspired to do after reading the comments on this post.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

If you use please credit me. It took me a whole 4 minutes to make these and I would not appriciate them being taken without some gratification. *hopes the sarcasm is coming through*
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1- Ronon/Teyla
1- Teyla
4- Sparky
8- Elizabeth
1- John
Osiris banner
Sparky banner
Liz banner
Liz FO banner
Anakin banner

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Yes I finally did it! I'm really sorry it took me forver [livejournal.com profile] mercscilla

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I come bearing graphics. That aren't overly shippy but still have John and Elizabeth in them.

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