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Below is a message that I sent to a friend asking me my thoughts on the movie, edited slightly to make more sense to those who don't know what she said. =)

See I was telling M that my take on the acting was the complete opposite of hers.  She liked Rob Pattinson and didn't like Kristen Stewart. I told her that Kristen S probably had the harder job since the book is from Bella's perspective and so much of the book is just her thoughts.  Also every teenage girl reading it has superimposed themselves onto that character so everyone would have a different opinion on how Bella should be.  Rob P I think over-acted a little.  Sometimes he was trying to display one too many emotions and it resulted in him just widening his eyes.  Also, the first time he smelled her when she walked into biology, he looked like he was going to hurl.  Not exactly the description that's in the book.  In the book it's violent in a 'i'm restraining myself from killing you so that i don't have to kill everyone else in the classroom to cover up what I did' sort of violent.  Plus being a vampire he just held his breath as much as possible.  (in midnight sun its really funny to read his thoughts during that scene) 

The books are awesome in ways the movies can never be just because of the medium.  So remember after you read 'Twilight'(book 1) to go to Stephanie Meyers website (http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/) and read 'Midnight Sun' so you can get Edwards perspective.  Its only about 250 pages.  She didn't get to finish it before it was pirated. =(

Once you read the book I think you'll understand Bella a little better.  She's just not a shiny happy person.  She's the quiet, sometimes shy, reserved one.  Always very mature and smart.  That's one of the reasons Edward and Bella are made for each other.  They're two old souls. ^_^

I really liked how they did the Cullens.  Especially when they were all cooking for her. lol  Obviously any part that was exactly like the book I found GREAT.  And I was a little excited to see the CCC greenhouse even though I didn't know we had a greenhouse. =)
Oh I really liked the part when Edward wanted to meet Charlie and he was cleaning his shotgun.  (i'm pretty sure that's in the book, i can't look it up cuz Auntie Lori has my copy)  But seeing it and hearing the gun made it even more funny.

I feel like I really need to see it again because during the midnight showing I was focused so much on looking/listening for the parts from the book, trying to figure out the parts that they condensed or whatever that I didn't get the FULL picture.  Ya know?


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