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As I have a few new friends *waves* who are stargate fans, I thought I would post these two documents that were previously on facebook.

Disclaimer: As always we do not own Stargate. This is the byproduct of staying up late and having a little too much fun. Take this with a grain of salt and please remember that ALL episodes of Stargate should be viewed at least once so you can pass your own judgement.

Top 10 Worst Stargate SG-1 Episodes by Kelsey and Hannah

1. Icon [If you’ve seen this episode you don’t need an explanation.]
2. Ethon [Since this is a follow up to Icon you understand why it’s here.]
3. Torment of Tantalus [BAD we don’t understand what the writers see in this episode but there are certainly better season 1 episodes than this.]
4. The Scourge [Bugs, bad bugs, lots of bad bugs that were borrowed from the Mummy.]
5. A Hundred Days [Kelsey’s “favorite” episode. I can’t watch this episode without cringing to the point that I look like I’m having a seizure.]
6. Season 1 [Not all of season 1 just well…. most of it.]
7. The Warrior [ Jaffa, Teal’c, Jaffa honor, just lots of Jaffa. ]
8. Disclosure [Boring clip show, with the exception of one scene at the end where Thor embarrasses Kinsey.]
9. Politics [Kinsey and Samuels in the same room for a clip show.]
10. Inauguration [Once again, Kinsey in a clip show trying to shut down the SGC blah blah blah.]

Runners Up
Past and Present [Follow up to Prisoners, another questionable episode, that is just a little more wacked than it’s predecessor.]
Unnatural Selection [Hannah’s “favorite” episode, only redeemed by ONE good scene.]
Threshold [Teal’c, brainwashed, being un-brainwashed. Yeah]
Pretense [A claim or accusation not supported by fact. Just plain not good.]
Orpheus [Jaffa, lots of Jaffa]
Fallout [Jonas and his “girlfriend” have matching haircuts. Sad but true.]

There you have it. Some of the episodes that after seeing once or twice we decided didn't deserve to be viewed by our eyes again.

But that's just us.
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