Jan. 30th, 2009

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All my life I've never really liked my name. 


There's no good, likable way to shorten it although people try and even though I have always felt this way I've never done anything about it.  People continue to try and shorten it, (Kel, Kels[which if you have to shorten it this one is the lesser of two evils]) as well as just saying it incorrectly, Chelsea being the most common mistake.

I know at least 6 Kelsey's/Chelsea's off the top of my head.  We may not all spell it the same but it sounds the same(except for Chelsea).

I've also noticed that students and teachers alike might remember me but they rarely remember my name from week to week.  I've been called Ashley, Stephanie, Caitlyn, etc.

For years I've played around with going by my middle name, Nicole.  I don't know many Nicole's. 

It's french and actually has a "meaningful" meaning.  'Victory of the people' as opposed to 'from ceol's island'.

There are at least three valid nicknames for Nicole, [Nic, Nikki, Cole]

Next term I'm thinking about going by Nicole.  On that first day in class when the teacher is going through attendence and they ask if you want to be called something different that what's on the paper; I'm going to say, "I go by Nicole."

Don't even get me started on my out of date username.  Anybody have ideas for me for a new username?


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